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Tips For A Successful Marketing Career

Now is the best time ever to enter the field of marketing, with companies in every niche spending lots of money on investments in both the digital and traditional marketing space

Here are some tips from an industry professional that will help you to wow potential employers and secure yourself as a real player in the world of marketing.


Know Your Stuff

If you don’t know the difference between SEM and SEO, you better refresh your memory on the acronyms and lingo associated with digital marketing. In order to effectively communicate with others in your field as well as potential clients, you must have the right words to convey your messages. Have a look below at an example of the difference between SEM and SEO.

SEM-SEO difference

Image: thanks to SEO Align.

Before you dive into filling out your resume, take the time to brush up on different words, acronyms and phrases associated with marketing in the digital age.


Analytics Are Essential

Data is behind a lot of marketing, even though it might not seem like it. You can utilize a variety of free software, including Google Analytics, to provide information about visitors, including their site interactions. Additionally, you can use these freemium products to learn how each of your marketing efforts has paid off, allowing you to refine strategies as needed.

When you utilize these services, you can monitor campaigns as they progress. You need to understand how these tools work in order to show your worth to potential employers. These are the keys to a great ROI, and businesses want to employ folks that can make that happen.



The world of marketing encompasses a lot. While you could spread yourself thin by trying to become an expert in all of the niches, focus your efforts where your passions lie – for instance see here.

Sure, it pays to know the foundation of the business, including the lingo and the basics of how each field works. However, you will find greater satisfaction and success if you work with your strengths and interests.



marketing career

Networking is still essential in the business world, including online and in-person opportunities. Go to conferences and other gatherings that will allow you to make these important connections. Cultivate these relationships via worthwhile communications once you return to your home office. There is a good salary to be had in marketing if you’re good as this post from EMR shows.


Brand Yourself

How can you show a potential employer that you can contribute to building their client’s profile and profits? Use yourself as an example. Brand yourself well and you can brand the world.

While your resume or CV can present a cold reading of your abilities, good marketing can do a lot more. Create a blog and/or profiles that show off your passion and abilities. If you love the conversation and do your job right, you will have potential employers competing to grab your talent.


Don’t Become A Dinosaur

The marketing industry is continually changing and growing, and you need to do the same thing. You must remain aware of the latest innovations, trends and rules that impact your career path. One of the paths toward this end is to use social media and blogs to follow what the industry leaders are talking about.


Flexibility And Agility

marketing career

While some folks think that the artistry in marketing negates the need for structure. However, they aren’t mutually exclusive. The fact is that when combined correctly, creativity can soar.

Digital marketing entails a lot of different things, which could have you changing settings on a regular basis. One day you might be sitting in your office typing away while the next has you in another time zone networking with the industry bigwigs. However, you need to make sure that you are properly prepared for all of the marketing adventures awaiting you.


Get Certified

Gain some professional qualifications to show that you are serious about the business and that you have the knowledge to go with it.

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