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SEO for Financial Planners & Accountants

Orion Marketing is a Sydney-based SEO agency that specialises in small business SEO. Founded back in 2015 by Marshall Thurlow, we have successfully provided SEO services to a nation-wide accounting business, and a TPD claims financial planner.

We like to keep SEO simple. Customers are searching for your service every day. They google something like ‘best accountant’ or ‘financial advisor Sydney’, click one of the top results and then enquire.

We help you to rank in the top spots on Google to help attract the right type of customer. We know SEO works – we use it for our business! You can use it for yours as well.

We can help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Website design
  • Backlink building and more.
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Relationship Driven

We like to be different. We aim to provide trusted and professional SEO services to help grow your accounting or financial advice practice.

“From one business owner to another, I know that growing your business is your top priority. Well, it’s my top priority as well. Having worked closely with the entrepreneurial founders of Pop Business for several years, the relationship I developed with them was based on trust and accountability. Results then followed.”

Marshall Thurlow

See Our Results

Niche Financial Planner

We helped Andrew Reynolds from TPD Claims Advice to start a new business via SEO and a new website design. We successfully increased organic traffic to his website that converted into enquiries and sales.

Take a look at the positive growth scenario below.


SEO for Financial Planners google analytics traffic

Source: Google Analytics organic traffic.

395% increase in organic traffic after only 3 months, and 947% increase in organic traffic after 12 months

  • #1 rank for niche keywords
  • 333% increase in enquiries after 12 months
  • Positive ROI scenario setup in month 2

After 6 months of SEO, the website was ranking for 298 keywords, up from only 11 when we started. Of these keywords:

  • 5 keywords ranked in position 1
  • 12 keywords ranked on Google page 1

“Marshall did a great job overhauling and optimising my website, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Andrew Reynolds

TPD Claims Advice

Nationwide Accounting Firm – Pop Business

We worked with Pop Business for 2 years and during that time, delivered the following SEO highlights:

  • Enquiries: significant increase in organic lead generation
  • Organic traffic: increased organic traffic from only 48 visitors in August 2020 up to 7,7771 visitors in April 2021 (now averaging ~15,000 visitors per month)
accountant organic traffic increase

Source: Ahrefs overview.

  • Keyword rank: increased the number of ranking keywords from 408 up to 5,600 ranking keywords
  • Domain rating: increased from 17 up to 30 (the strength of the website’s backlink profile compared to the other websites in the Ahrefs database)

SEO for Financial Planners & Accountants: Proven Methodology

There are no secrets to SEO – just the 3 steps below and time!

Keyword and Competitor Research

We’ll find out what your competition is doing and what you’ll need to do to outrank them. Then we’ll identify the keywords best suited to your business model and create a plan around them.

On-Page SEO

We’ll enhance your finance or accounting content to support new keywords and search phrases. We’ll also perform a technical review of your site and identify areas for speed and performance optimisations.

Off-Page SEO

Once your website is humming and the content looks great, we begin content promotion! Your business will be added to our extensive list of high profile local business directories. We’ll write finance and business articles that reference your website and brand, and lots more.


Want to Know More?

SEO for Financial Services and Accounting FAQs

If you want to do your own SEO, we’ve written up the following tips to help you out.

However, if you’d prefer to have the work done for you, please get in touch with Orion Marketing today.

Check Your Competition

How many financial planners are you competing with for those top spots on Google?

Make a list of the top search results for financial advisors in your area. You can then gauge what content they have, how much SEO they are doing and what work you need to do to ‘close the gap’.

In this example, you can search ‘financial advisor Sydney’ and see who ranks for that keyword. Then, using SEO tools like Ahrefs, you can check their backlink profile, see what other keywords they are ranking for and how much traffic these keywords are generating for them.

Make Your Website Faster

The Google Search team has indicated site speed is one of the ranking signals for desktop and mobile sites alike.

So, if you’ve got a slow-loading site, it could negatively impact your rankings.

Speed is important. When a visitor has a slow experience on mobile, they’re less likely to engage you for your services. The stats tell us that more than half of visits are abandoned when a site takes over 3 seconds to load.

The solution? Speed up your site. Use a free tool like GTmetrix to identify areas of concern and then set about correcting them.

Financial Advisor Keywords

Popular Financial Advisor Keywords

Are you wondering what keywords you should optimise your financial planning website with? We’ve researched some of the most popular suggestions for financial planning using Google’s Keyword Planner. Here they are:

Keyword Avg. Monthly Search Competition
Financial advisor Sydney 1k – 10k Medium
Certified financial planner 100 – 1k Medium
Financial planner Sydney 100 – 1k Medium
Best financial advisor Sydney 100 – 1k Medium
Private wealth management 100 – 1k Medium
Property investment advice 100 – 1k Medium
Property investment advisor 100 – 1k Medium
Independent financial advisor Sydney 10 – 100 Medium
Retirement financial advisor 10 – 100 Medium
Financial planner for debt 10 – 100 High

Note: We used Sydney as our location and keyword modifier. We perform extensive keyword research using advanced analytical tools and methods when performing SEO for clients.

SEO Keywords for Accountants

If you’re looking for SEO keywords for accountants, have a look at the most popular ones below, based on search volume. We used Google’s Keyword Planner to generate these results:

Keyword Avg. Monthly Search Competition
Accountants near me 10k – 10ok Medium
Accountant Sydney 1k – 10k Medium
Accounting firms 1k – 10k Low
Bookkeeping services 1k – 10k Medium
Small business accounting 1k – 10k Medium
Tax accountant Sydney 100 – 1k Medium
Tax return Sydney 100 – 1k Medium
Chartered accountants Sydney 100 – 1k Low
Accounting fees 100 – 1k Medium
Bookkeeping rates 100 – 1k Medium

Note: We used Sydney as our location and keyword modifier. We perform extensive keyword research using advanced analytical tools and methods when performing SEO for clients.

SEO Investment

Depending on the location and competition of your financial advice or accounting business, you can expect to invest:

  • Local (single suburb) SEO price from $1,200 / month
  • City-wide SEO price from $1,600 / month
  • National SEO price from $3,000 / month.

Let’s Work Together

We’ll provide you with a full report and recommendations on your current site. This will include identifying opportunities to improve your online rankings as well as a complete costing for our service.

Please enquire with us today by leaving your details in the contact form below. Marshall will get back to you as soon as he can. Thanks.

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