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How Will SEO Grow Your Business?

SEO basically connects your cleaning business with potential clients who are looking for your services online. They Google something like ‘commercial cleaning company’ or variations on this, click on one of the top results (organic search engine results) and then decide to make contact.

The benefit of investing in SEO is that once you start ranking for your keywords and content, you setup a scenario where leads come to your business. We use SEO for our business – you can promote your cleaning services with SEO as well!

What Results Will You Get?

Increase in organic traffic

You’ll start ranking for more keywords

Increased online exposure through directory listings and content promotion

Optimised Google Maps profile

Case Studies

1,064% increase in organic traffic (Dairy exporter)

827% increase retail organic sales within 4 months (Beauty retailer)

#1 rank for business name and ‘service + suburb’ keywords within 2 months (Hair salon)

How Do We Grow Your Cleaning Business?

With our 3 steps to SEO success!

Keyword Research

First we find out who the competition is, what keywords they’re ranking for and what SEO they?re doing. Then we find the keywords that your customers use to look for a cleaning business like you.

On-Page Optimisations

We’ll review your entire website and identify any problems that may prevent you from ranking. Then we’ll optimise your current content or write more content that showcases your experience.

Off-Page Promotion

The bulk of the work consists of increasing your online presence through business directory listings, guest posting and content promotion.

There are no secrets to SEO…just the 3 steps above and time!

seo for cleaning companies

Want to Know More?

The following tips should help if you’re doing your own SEO.

If you haven’t got the time to do it yourself, or if you want professional results, then get in touch with Orion Marketing today.

Cleaning Company Domain Name

If you are just starting out and haven’t named your business yet, consider using a keyword based name. You’ll benefit from having a search term that people are actually using to find a residential or commercial cleaning services in your area.

An example of this is ‘Sydney Cleaning Co’ or ‘Pro Cleaning Sydney’.

Use a tool like Google’s Keyword Research Tool to see search phrases related to your keyword and the average monthly volume each word or phrase receives.

It isn’t essential to have a keyword in your name. Many brand names have nothing to do with their main keywords. However, from an SEO perspective, it may give you a small advantage.

Set Page Titles and Heading Tags

You want to be sure you give your cleaning business the best chance of being found online by optimising each of your pages.

A good way to do this is to use the Yoast SEO plugin (for WordPress) and set a unique and descriptive page title and meta description. Then, repeat the page title on-page as your H1 heading tag.


  • Page title ‘Sydney Commercial Cleaning Company | Sydney Cleaning Co’
  • H1 tag: ‘Welcome to Sydney Cleaning Co – your Commercial Cleaning Company’

Consistent NAP

Put your business name, address and phone number on every page. Be sure to write them the same way each time.

Having a consistent NAP is critical for cleaning businesses wishing to rank well in local search results.


Because search engines review the info when determining which cleaning businesses to rank where. This is geo-targeted search and you want to be found!

Have these details correct on your Google Maps profile as well.

Commercial Cleaning Keywords

What keywords should you optimise your cleaning website with? You may be wondering what the keywords for a cleaning company are?

Never fear – we have compiled a list of the top 20 cleaning company keywords! Here are 20 of the best keywords for cleaning businesses.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Search Competition
Cleaning company 1k – 10k Medium
Office cleaning Sydney 1k – 10k Medium
Office cleaning 1k – 10k Medium
Office cleaning Sydney 1k – 10k Low
Commercial cleaning 1k – 10k Medium
House cleaning Sydney 1k – 10k Medium
Commercial cleaning services 100 – 1k Medium
Professional cleaning services 100 – 1k High
Office cleaning services 100 – 1k Low
Cleaning companies Sydney 100 – 1k High
Commercial cleaning companies 100 – 1k Low
Commercial office cleaning services Sydney 100 – 1k Medium
Office cleaning company Sydney 100 – 1k Low
Commercial carpet cleaner 100 – 1k High
Commercial window cleaning 100 – 1k High
Commercial window cleaning 100 – 1k High
Commercial window cleaning 10 – 100 Medium
Deep cleaning service 10 – 100 High

Note: we identified these using Google Keyword Planner. We used Sydney as our location and keyword modifier.


SEO Price for Cleaning Services

Price depends on location and competition.

As a guide, consider the following price points:

  • City-wide price from $250/week
  • Nation-wide price from $300/week

Take Action

Hopefully these tips help you out online! If you want advice on how to boost your cleaning company, or haven?t got the time to do your own SEO, get in touch with us today.

We?ll provide you with a full report and recommendations on your current site. This will include identifying opportunities to improve your online rankings as well as a costing for our service.

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