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How Will Online Marketing Help You?

Our SEO services for farmers and agri-business can be leveraged for your online market.

The main challenge that domestic farming and agri-businesses face is creating brand recognition and maximising their product visibility to their target market.

Our professional and proven SEO services will help your business reach its target market: both domestically and internationally. We are equipped to use digital marketing to grow your online visibility for your website. We’ll help your products stand out in the global marketplace through our export marketing strategies. We can help most industries.

SEO for Australian Farmers and Agri-business

When it comes to marketing your products or services online, we use SEO to position your brand alongside your competitors on the first page of Google. The more traffic you get, the more conversions you should get. Results take time though. SEO is a medium to long term investment strategy.

The premise is simple. New clients or partners are searching for your produce or goods every day. They google something like ‘dairy exporters’, ‘Australian fruit exporters’ or variations on niche and service. They then click on one of the top results and read the content. If the content meets their needs, they make a trade enquiry.

We help you to rank in the top spots on Google for a range of customer search queries. We also write engaging and industry specific content and publish this to your website. We know SEO works – we use it to market our business! You can use SEO to market yours as well.

What Results Can You Expect?

Our SEO campaign will help to:

  • Rank you higher, bringing you more enquiries
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly and secure
  • Target national and international search phrases

SEO Success for Dairy Livestock Exporter

We’ve been working with a dairy livestock exporter for 2 years. In that time, we have achieved:

  • #1 rank for brand and export category keywords
  • Google page 1 rank for all other keywords targeted
  • 1064% increase in organic traffic
  • Record 63 contact form enquiries, compared to 8 in first month
  • International landing pages published, targeting markets such as Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia

Agri-business and Farming SEO: Proven Methodology

There are no secrets to SEO – just the 3 steps below and time!

Keyword and Competitor Research

We’ll research and build a list of industry specific keywords to target relevant customers. We will constantly expand the range of keywords you rank for, once we secure the top spots from the first round. We’ll also research your competition to determine how much SEO is needed to outrank them.

On-Page Optimisations

We?ll enhance your agri-business and farming content to support new keywords and search phrases. Your content must speak to the needs of your ideal clients. We?ll also perform a technical review of your site and look at areas including: web host speed, redirections, sitemaps, speed and performance.

Off-Page SEO

Once your website is humming and optimised with great content, we begin content promotion! This includes submission to national and international business directories, free PR, article creation, outreach and content promotion.

seo for farming

SEO Price

SEO for agricultural businesses pricing. Our range of national packages are geared to improve your overall brand presence and ensure potential customers on a local, national and international basis are aware of you. These packages include international targeting.

  • National SEO price from $300/week (low competition keywords)
  • National SEO price from $500/week (higher competition keywords)

Take Action

We are confident we can help you. We’ve done it for businesses in your niche and across other niches. We know how to implement the activities that your current digital marketing strategy is missing. Partner with us to identify your main keywords and phrases, optimise your content and grow your brand.

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