Can Quora be used for SEO

Can Quora Be Used for SEO?: A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever put a question into Google, you’ve probably seen Quora among your search results. It’s often near the top of the page beside Wikipedia.

Quora first launched back in 2010. Since then, it’s become a legitimate part of many content marketing strategies.

How does it work for other marketing strategies? Can you use Quora for SEO? Read on to learn more.

What Is Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer website. It’s aimed at collecting expertise on a range of topics. You can always ask questions on Twitter or Facebook. The difference is who answers them.

On social media, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get useful or even correct responses. Experts and industry professionals post responses on Quora. You get answers with real expertise behind them.

If you want an answer from an authority on the subject? Go to Quora.

Using Quora for SEO

using quora for SEO

The backbone of any good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is strong content. You need content or products that people will search for to bring them to your site.

However, you’ll also need keywords to help people find that content. Let’s check out how you can use Quora for both parts of the equation.


Choosing the right keywords means users are more likely to see your content. Quora helps you research keywords you didn’t realize you need.

Look up your topic on Quora. You’ll see everyday speech in the responses. It’s written by a real human, so you get a great insight into how actual people discuss your topic.

You can find potential keywords scattered throughout the responses on those topics.

This also means that you will find lots of ways to describe the same topic. You can scatter these new keywords throughout the content on your website.

You can also run the URL of an answer through a keyword tool. This can extract potential long-tail keywords from the content for you.

Content Creation

You also need to create relevant content to host those keywords. How do you know what to create?

Quora can tell you how popular questions are. That tells you how many people are asking and reading about that topic.

Set up an ads account and start a test campaign. In the Question Targeting section, you can add a few keywords.

The tool will show you the number of weekly views. The higher the views, the more likely people are searching for that topic on search engines.

Creating Clickable Headlines

Headlines are one of the most important parts of your content. They’re what encourage users to click through to your website from Google or social media.

They’re also notoriously difficult to get right. How do you address the content for the user and provide the keywords Google looks for?

Turn Quora questions into headlines. They contain the keywords you need, phrased in the same language a user would use.

You may adapt the questions, particularly if the question is too short.

Make Quora Part of Your Strategy

make quora as part of your strategy

Now you know three ways to use Quora for SEO marketing. It offers great opportunities for researching content and keywords.

If you have access to a premium keyword tool, you can even reverse-engineer specific answers for even more data.

Does that sound like a lot of work? Check out our SEO services and let us do the legwork for you.

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