optimise google my business map listing

How to Optimise Your Google My Business Map Listing

How to Optimise Your Google My Business Map Listing for Small Business

The ultimate Google My Business infographic

With so many people on the go and using their smartphones to get around and to find places to eat, drink, stay and purchase items, it’s simply never been more important to ensure your Google My Business listing is fully optimised.

People use these listings to learn about what your business sells; to learn about your opening hours and other things like to read reviews.

It’s easy to get started but it’s also important to maintain your listing and make it appealing to users.

New opportunities to stand out

Google has also extended the possibilities for each listing too so that now it’s possible to update it with 360 degree imagery, regular images of course but also now you can include videos to the listing. This has the possibility of making your listing stand out from your competitors so you’ve simply got nothing to lose.

Get Google reviews

Reviews are highly visible too on your Google My Business listing so you should dedicate time to encouraging customers to use the review segment. Many happy customers will only be delighted to do this for you if you have shown them excellent customer service but you definitely need to make them aware of it in the first place. Reviews are immensely powerful in today’s world and nowhere more so than in the realms of the restaurant and overall hospitality industries.

Infographic below

Furthermore, many people in today’s world feel empowered to write lots of reviews therefore reviews are something that need to be constantly monitored and assessed. The people at Storetraffic have put together this infographic which really explains Google My Business; it details what makes a good profile; it indicates how best to optimise your profile for the benefit of prospective customers; it shows how to deal with reviews plus lots more.

Check it all out below.



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