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Why You Need To Hire A Good Copywriter

Everything you need to know about hiring a good writer for your business

With most businesses having an online presence in the digital age, the need for professional website copy has never been more pressing. A huge amount of writing is required to convey your business message and to educate potential customers on the benefits of your product or service.

You need professional content written for your website, your blog, email newsletter and your social media posts. Don’t forget your sales copy and your about pages.

The list is a long one indeed!

Why should you hire a professional content writer to help with your writing project?

Because writing and publishing high quality copy is a full time job. You probably don’t have time to write effective and professional copy while also running your business and selling your product/service. There are web content specialists who work full-time planning and implementing digital content.

“I have personally dedicated a few days to researching, writing, publishing and promoting my own content. It can be exhausting but I like to do things the right way, and do them once” – Marshall Thurlow (Orion Marketing)

In this article, you are going to discover valid reasons why you should hire a good writer and several benefits you stand to gain if you do so.

So, let’s find out why you need to invest in good copy writing!


Can’t I just write my own copy?

Many small business owners ask this question and often write their own website copy.? In some cases this may be fine, however in other cases this could be disastrous for your online presence.

Why shouldn’t you just use in-house staff or write it yourself?

Because you probably won’t get the same results as you would from a professional writer.

It is also hard.

Website copywriting involves more than just publishing a quick blog to your website. Moreover, you must consider the following content marketing elements when writing and publishing website content:

  • Value – Why are you writing copy and what problem are you trying to solve? How much value are you offering to the reader to keep them engaged and interested in your product/service?
  • Keyword research – what keywords are people typing into Google to find businesses similar to yours?
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – how are you optimising your content, both on page and off page, to ensure it’s found by the search engines and ranks well?
  • The format and style of each piece – you could write a discussion article, a QnA piece, a list post, a round-up, media release, fact sheet
  • Promotion and distribution – how will customers find your content once you publish it? What channels are you using for promotion?
  • KPI’s – how are you measuring the success of your writing efforts and are potential customers even finding your article?
  • Link building – in order for your new article to rank you need to secure backlinks. Think of this as a popularity contest, the more links the more popular your page stands to be.


Addressing each of the elements above takes time, patience and skill. Can you afford to take several days out of your busy schedule to write up your next article or website page?

Quality website copy leads to better leads, more sales and improved visibility online. Hiring a professional copywriter makes a big difference in how your customers see you.

Perhaps it’s time to outsource your writing to a professional web content specialist.


Examples of good copywriting

Consider the following examples of good copywriting.

1) MailChimp

“Marketing automation is like a second brain for your business”

Now who wouldn’t want a second brain working on their business? This is an example of creative copy that effectively conveys the benefits of a business tool in a simple yet effective way. There is no dry or technical jargon, only short and sharp benefit statements.


2) Intrepid Travel

“Small groups, big adventures and responsible travel – that’s our thing. With 1,000 trips in a variety of styles across 100 countries, we’re sure you’ll find something you like. So let’s get started.”

This is an example of inspirational sales copy that focuses on a unique selling proposition while offering up a multitude of offerings – who wouldn’t want to click through to find their next destination!



“We share your vision to drive healthcare forward – and we can help you accelerate your achievements”

This is an example of technical/sales copywriting that is aspirational and visionary. This paragraph could easily have become weighed down with technical jargon. Instead, the writing remains visionary and top level.


Hire a content writer to improve your online reputation

If your business relies on its online reputation, you should know that credibility is vital to your business growth and success.

You can easily maximise your company’s online branding potential when you hire a good writer. Great writing for blogs, magazines, and other online content takes more than just a crafty way with words.

Great writers know the significance of a compelling call-to-action and different formats that draw the reader’s attention.

Unfortunately, many business owners prefer to take the shorter route and write their own content. They neglect the fact that there are situations that call for a pro. How would you write sales copy for a landing page, Facebook ad headline or a compelling email newsletter subject line?


The different types of content writers

Just as there are many different types of content to write, there are many different types of content writers. The following list summarises key content writers and their speciality:

  • Generalist writer: A jack-of-all-trades who specialise in short form articles. A good option if you need a high volume of awareness level articles that don’t drill down too deep into a subject. These writers are widely available and you should be able to get an affordable price (compared to more specialist writing styles)
  • SEO content writers: These writers can write on any subject (like a generalist) plus they will research keywords and topics to ensure their content is keyword rich and offers value to the reader. SEO copywriters are great when you need more organic website traffic.
  • Creative writers: Creative writing is any writing beyond the normal professional, business, reporting or sales styles of writing. Creative writers focus on their narrative craft and character development and may draw on poetry. Creative writers may be good for a flowery about page or to tell your story in a creative and fun way.
  • Technical writers: Technical writers focus on specific subjects and provide highly technical analysis. This style of writing is in-depth, thorough, detailed and methodical.
  • Advertising writers: You’ll find advertising writers working in the media space and are great at producing short, sharp and concise messaging, often with an emotive pull. Every word counts and good advertising writers are in demand.
  • Scientific writers: Scientific writers may write up scientific literature or reviews, including methods, results, discussions and conclusions. They may also write scientific articles in a more general manner to appeal to a broader audience base, using less scientific jargon and explaining concepts/theories in everyday language.


What are the benefits of using a professional writing service?

Constant flow of new ideas

The most significant benefit you can enjoy from professional copywriting is the constant flow of original ideas to assist your project while ensuring a quality service is rendered.

A quality magnet

High-quality content brings readers to your site and demonstrates the value of your product/service. This in turn may lead to a sale and eventually reoccurring income. Professional writing services and their output should attract potential customers like a magnet.

An objective view

Would you like to write a book without hiring an editor for example? I’m sure you wouldn’t try such because no matter how good you are, it’s imperative to have the feedback of at least one person besides yourself to ensure that your content is free from grammatical errors and blunders. A professional writer will help you do just that with a more objective view than you could on your own.

An expert service

You went to law school to practice law, right? Therefore, creating sales copy and compelling headlines for your Facebook ads may not be your thing. You need to invest in someone else’s time and experience- that of a copywriter.

English Proficiency

If English is not your native language, it should be the first apparent reason to seek the services of a writer.


Why your business needs to invest in a professional writing service

How can a professional writer help your business?


Professional writers help you to see the bigger picture. In this competitive age, bad copy can kill your business reputation faster than anything else. You need to let your target market see reasons why they should be interested in reading your content more than that of your competitors. This can make a huge difference for the success of your business.


Tips to hire a good writer

Getting the best writer for your business is worth the investment, especially if forge a long-term relationship. Once you establish a good working relationship, get them to write all of your copy and take your online presence to the next level.

Here are 5 considerations to help you hire the best writer:

  1. Set your requirements and expectations: be very clear on what you want the writer to do and what you expect. Perhaps provide examples of writing you like and explain what you like about those examples.
  2. Research potential writers: look for examples of their writing style online or in their portfolio. Good writers want to showcase their work to the world so this should be easy to find if they provide quality service.
  3. Test your applicants: ask for a test piece of copy before you embark on your project. This will help you to get a feel on whether the writer is going to be good fit for your business.
  4. Ask about their knowledge: ask them how they plan to address keyword research, SEO and what expectations they have for your copy once it is published.
  5. Seek out referrals: ask colleagues or other business owners who wrote their copy and how they found the experience. Chances are if someone had a great experience with a copywriter, and you can read their work, you may also enjoy their professionalism.



Can you see the benefits available to you and your business in hiring a professional content writer?

Writing is a fantastic idea and worth trying too, but professional writing is a different ball game. It takes years of wholehearted dedication and unrelenting practice to master. If you operate an online business, then you should be familiar with the term ‘content marketing’ which is a method of marketing a business or service through value-added content.

Content marketing can be one of the best ways to drive business growth over the longer term. Web content specialists can advise you on the best ways to market your content to achieve maximum impact.

Engaging content is key in the online world and fuels other marketing activities such as SEO, pay-per-click, social media and email newsletters.

Professional copywriting can add enormous value to your professionalism and your website, helping catapult your rankings and keeping readers engaged with your brand.

Ask us about our content marketing and copywriting services today.

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