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How to create your own blog website

How to create and publish your own blog and website


Why Should You Blog?

Small Businesses with blogs generate 126%* more leads than those without blogs. By adding a blog to your webpage you can share important news and information with your visitors.


You want your page to show up in online searches

You want your page to show up in online searches

By publishing fresh content (copy writing and blogging) your webpage is more likely to show up in online searches and will give you a higher ranking in online searches. Search engines like Google look for fresh and new content, hyperlinks to your webpage and keywords or page descriptions/titles that match your content.

The longer you have been blogging the more likely your page will rank higher in online searches.

That is why it is essential to start blogging today!


You want visitors to your website

By frequently publishing fresh, high quality and relevant content to your site, your blog/webpage will rank higher in online searches. In addition to blogging about your core purpose, you can blog about special offers, your top tips or even giveaway educational content or guides to draw visitors to your page.

Remember, there are people online right now looking for businesses just like yours. You can read about more affordable marketing tips here.


Engage with your followers through a blog

By allowing comments at the end of your blog posts you facilitate two way flow of communication between visitors and yourself. If somebody leaves a comment on your blog, thank them. If they ask a question, answer it. If they have a blog, go and leave a comment on their post or follow them.


Blog for self development!

  • You will improve your writing and thinking skills
  • You can share your story or write about issues you have a passion for
  • You will meet new people both inside and outside the blogging community
  • You will inspire and motivate others


Why Orion Marketing?

Here at Orion Marketing, we specialise in website design for small business. The best part is that these sites are created with the end user in mind…you!

We use platforms designed for web publishing and blogging such as WordPress and Jimdo and recommend ecommerce solutions such as Shopify. We help small business owners, bloggers and creatives!

Orion Marketing can help you start blogging today. All our websites come with built in blogging functionality – it is ready to go. We may even be able to help you put together a content management strategy or prepare expert articles that actually speak with your target market.

The goal is to showcase your work to those people who are looking for it. This process, however, can take time.




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