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How fast is my website?

In this blog post we show you how to get your free website report on the speed of your site

“How do I know if my website is slow?”

This is a good question and one you’ll need to test. We were working on a client website a while back and decided to test it’s speed. This is something we routinely do to ensure our clients have the greatest chance of success with their online marketing.

The more barriers we can remove between a potential customer connecting with a business, the better.

Website speed test results

Here are the results from a recent client website we were working on. We knew the site was a mobile friendly site, as it was specifically designed this way. It looked great across all devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

1) Mobile friendliness


Image 1: 99/100 mobile friendliness score. This is good.

2) Mobile speed


Image 2: 33/100 mobile speed score. This is bad and needs improving.


3) Desktop speed


Image 3: 45/100 desktop speed. This is also bad.


What we didn’t know was that the website was slow. Really slow. The test showed us that the client’s website was really slow on desktop computers and really slow on mobile devices as well.

My website is slow. Why is this a problem?

These statistics, from Google, define the problem:

  • Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the site doesn’t load within 3 seconds. It’s the 3 second rule.
  • A slow website is definitely a big problem. People are x5 times more likely to leave a slow website or a website that doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices.


Most people won’t wait very long before leaving a slow site and redirecting their attention elsewhere.

You don’t want people not visiting your site because it’s too slow. Imagine spending money on a Google AdWords campaign (pay-per-click advertising) or a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign only to realise everyone who visited your site didn’t wait around for it to load.

Why keep a customer waiting?

urgent-websiteThink of it like this. Your kitchen tap has just exploded and water is flooding your kitchen. There is water everywhere and everything is wet! You call a plumber. He doesn’t answer. You leave a voice message. What do you do next?

You’re not going to simply wait for the plumber to maybe call you back. You’re going to call another plumber, and another, until you find a solution.

If you visit a website and it doesn’t load, you’re probably not going to wait around. You’ll simply visit another website.

If potential customers are leaving your site because it’s too slow or doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices, you are losing money.

Try this

Test how mobile friendly your site is:

You’ll receive a report assessing your website for the following factors:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Mobile speed
  • Desktop speed

Or this…

Use GTmetrix to test your website speed and get actionable recommendations.


The world has gone mobile, have you?

It pays to invest in a well-designed mobile site that looks great on all devices and computers.

Here at Orion Marketing we specialise in super fast websites that look great on both mobile devices (Iphones and Android) and computers.













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