using public relations for SEO

How Can You Use PR For SEO?

SEO and PR have always operated in separate realms.

You use SEO as more of a behind-the-scenes way to get more visitors, while PR allows you to tell people exactly what’s going on. Although the practices are different, the end goals are the same.

If you want to generate more traffic, rank higher on searches, and reach a broader audience in general, it’s time to marry these two marketing juggernauts.

Today, we’re going to discuss how using PR for SEO can take your digital marketing to a completely new level. There are undeniable benefits to doing this, so let’s dig in and find out what they are.

Greater Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

As a small business, your brand is as important as anything else that you do.

We all know how SEO can help to build brand recognition by boosting traffic on your site and we know how PR can help improve your brand reputation by showcasing your best self.

People respond more favourably to brands that they’ve heard of.

Using SEO for PR articles can ensure that you’re not only boosting your brand’s reputation but that people are actually noticing and responding to that.

Building Your Backlinks

One of the most important facets of SEO is the way you build backlinks to improve your standing on the SERP.

Basically, the more online publications that are talking about you, the more you’ll appear in the right search results. Thus, the keywords and information you’re filling your press releases with are hugely important.

Blogs and other online news sites are always scouring for ways to produce content. A strong PR campaign will help you get noticed by the media and once one outlet writes about you, more will come. Eventually, you’ll have an arsenal of backlinks to bolster your SEO.

You Control the Narrative


Furthermore, when you do a press release, the publications that pick it up will use it as their main source of information. This allows you to control what’s being said about you, to a degree. Controlling the narrative is a big part of brand reputation management.

Your PR team is going to have a deep understanding of what you want your brand messaging to be and your SEO team is going to have a deep understanding of how to spread that message to more people. Combined, they can help you ensure that the most positive messaging is what most people actually see when they conduct a search.

PR for SEO: They Benefit One Another

PR needs SEO’s analytics and SEO needs PR’s relationship building. If you haven’t considered SEO training for your PR team and vice versa, then now is the time. Using PR for SEO and SEO for PR will help you in the ways that we’ve discussed in this post, but the benefits will manifest in all areas of brand building and lead generation.

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