Chiropractic newsletters and email marketing

Chiropractic newsletters and email marketing

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Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool used for patient engagement, generating internal referrals and driving traffic to your website. Personally, I know that many chiropractors ?want? to implement email marketing yet lack the time or digital ?tool kit? to do so.

Can you relate to this?

If so, read on as we provide an overview on email marketing for chiropractors.


Email marketing solutions


Examples of our chiropractic email newsletters.

At Orion Marketing, we?ve put together the perfect email marketing solution. We take care of your fortnightly/monthly internal newsletter in a dynamic way that utilises your social media sites and your website. We can also customise education campaigns designed to boost retention rates, increase internal referrals and generate 2-way flow of communication between you and your patients.


What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that directly markets a message to a group of people using email. A basic marketing principle is to align your message with the needs and wants of identified target market/s.

Email marketing for chiropractic clinics can be used for two primary purposes:

  • To build trust and awareness of your services to potential patients (this involves lead generation and targeted advertising or promotion)
  • More commonly, email marketing helps convert new patients into existing patients and generates two-way-flow of communication between you, the chiropractor (or your team), and your patients. This builds customer loyalty and trust in your services.


Our 7 tips for better emails


Subject lines are vital.

  • Find a reliable and easy to use software for email list management.
  • Compile an email database full of active email addresses and ensure you regularly add new email addresses to grow the size of your list.
  • When constructing your email message, simple everyday language is best. A positive, conversational tone trumps a more serious ?lecture? approach.
  • Trackable actions and analytics are essential as they allow you to see how people respond to your email campaigns. Key metrics to watch include open rates, website click-throughs, bounce rates and number of unsubscribing contacts.
  • Engaging subject lines. Writing an absolutely irresistible subject lines ensures your emails are actually opened and read.
  • Customer focused content that adds value to their engagement with your business.
  • Newsworthy blogs and articles that focus on human interest, emotional, sensational, topical and/or momentous events or stories.


Email marketing combines with content marketing

Email marketing and content marketing are related. Content marketing refers to creating and generating valuable, user-friendly content to attract, engage and ultimately activate specific audiences. Examples of chiropractic content marketing include blog posts, health tips, list posts, videos, infographics and more.

The reason we?re touching on content marketing is that your chiropractic newsletters need content rich, engaging articles and media to wow your patient base. Email marketing is intricately linked with content marketing and we package both these forms of marketing into our service offerings.


What email software should I use?

There are quiet a few email programs out there. I recommend you start with one of the popular free versions and if you like the ‘look and feel’ of the platform, upgrade to the paid version.

We recommend the following email marketing tools:

  • MailChimp: Great free version that allows you to have 2,000 subscribers before you need to upgrade to paid. We use Mailchimp and it is one of the best beginner platforms available. Upgrade to the paid version if you want to send automated emails such as welcome, birthdays and education campaigns.
  • Constant Contact: Easy to use and excellent for beginners. While they don’t offer a free version like MailChimp, you do have the option of signing up for a free trial before you commit.
  • AWeber: More customisations and features and only available as a paid option.


Will this help me?

So that?s the basics of email marketing and how we use this marketing tool to help chiropractors. There are a number of important factors to consider when embarking on an email marketing campaign. For email marketing to work, you need a regular source of new email addresses. You also need your emails to be opened when they are delivered into inboxes and you need an active base of readers/customers.

An investment needs to be made in creating and publishing engaging content that forms the basis of any email campaign.

Let us know what type of success you?ve had with email marketing in your practice ? simply leave a comment in the box below or ask a question.

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Please get in touch today if you want to send better email to your patients. We?ll take care of your email marketing so you can spend more time growing your clinic.



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