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Marshall Thurlow – Owner and Founder Orion Marketing

Hi I’m Marshall Thurlow, founder and small business developer at Orion Marketing.

I want to share my story with you and why I started my own business. Find out more about me on this page, what drives me to succeed, and what my team and I can do for you.

Why I started my own business

I wanted to do things differently: to problem solve and build value-driven relationships with small businesses. I possess an inner source of self motivation, creativity and autonomy, which fuels me to succeed and take on new challenges.

While working for my local chiropractor, I took it upon myself to improve his marketing. I taught myself SEO and identified new sources of patients from the local area. Publishing new chiropractic service pages based on ‘service + suburb’ keywords resulted in increased patient enquiries and conversions.

SEO might not sound like your typical hobby, but that turned out to be true in my case!

I took what I learnt here and started my own chiropractic marketing agency, Premier Practice, which still helps chiropractors to this day. Premier helped me realise my passion for helping entrepreneurs of all kinds, and in 2015, Orion Marketing was born.

And what started as an interest was now my full-time career.

Problem-solving and helping business owners harness the power of SEO was and still is, Orion Marketing’s primary goal, with making money secondary. With this ethos of dedication and putting service first

I’ve built long lasting relationships based on integrity, trust, and delivering real value to  business owners of all types,  from lawyers to accountants to financial advisors to ASX companies (and yes, still chiropractors!)

It’s true when they say to ‘follow your heart’.

My background

Having always felt a real connection with the natural world, I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in Environmental Management. After graduating I started working on environmental and sustainability issues right away.

One of my proudest achievements was coordinating the country’s largest Clean Up Australia Day for Schools event to date, recruiting 2,345 schools and over 500,000 students across the country – a national record.

I’ve also worked in local government, and developed keen insight into how to best communicate environmental projects to the wider community. This led me to pursue further studies in both marketing and public relations.

And when I’m not working on your SEO…

I love to stay healthy and fit.

I seek out inspiration in the little things around us, such as that golden sunset over my city of Sydney, to that first cup of coffee in the morning. From watching my adorable niece grow up and explore the world around her, to keeping up with the developments of world changing companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

I also get inspiration from watching all those awesome GoPro videos on Youtube and less inspired when watching the footage I’ve captured!

As published in…

Here are some examples of my published articles.

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