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6 Tips For Marketing Machinery

From SEO to Google Ads and more traditional promotion, we have you covered for marketing machinery

Large amounts of money are involved in the manufacturing and selling of heavy equipment and machines. Although heavy machinery is manufactured based on actual market demand, you know that it isn’t always easy to sell quickly at the price you want. That’s where you need to think about marketing machinery to make sales.

A combination of traditional and online marketing strategies need to be used.

Developing a good marketing foundation is just as important as making quality products. Without a solid marketing plan, how are your ideal customers going to find your products in a competitive marketplace?

There are several different ways that machinery distributors and manufacturers can form effective marketing strategies. This blog posts covers what we think are the ‘go to’ marketing channels that you should be using to sell your machinery and heavy equipment today.


Locate Experienced Marketing Professionals


Heavy machine manufacturers many times don’t think about managing a separate marketing team or investing in marketing. There have been big changes in market dynamics with many potential players within the marketplace. There is also a competitive edge that is developing within the manufacturing sector.

In order to ensure you are making good returns on your investment, you may have to reach out to industry specific marketers and communication professionals who have extensive industry knowledge. They may be able to prepare a detailed marketing report that strategises how best to get your product to market.

Marketing Plan Considerations

Whether you set out to develop your own marketing plan or hire an expert to do this for you, there are several vital considerations that must be addressed.

A good marketing plan for your machinery and heavy equipment should include:

  • Market analysis and research that relates to production.
  • Industry specific facts and figures i.e. size of market, average turnover, number of players
  • A SWOT analysis (Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats)
  • An action plan that includes actions, strategies, goals and performance indicators
  • A communications/PR/promotion plan
  • Recommendations for online and traditional distribution


Promotional Events


In addition to having permanent outlets and participating in various trade fairs, promotional events can provide a big boost that helps with achieving marketing goals. Free Classified Advertising events are great ways to communicate and interact with other businesses, the general public, and prospective clients.

Products like construction machinery are expensive and large. Promotional events can be arranged that cost much less than the price of one unit. The media and press can be used for promotional events to gain popularity. That is a great way to attract clients and business groups and promote your brand name. At these events, new models can also be on display and promoted.


Set an Auction

One of the most effective business ideas for selling and marketing large stocks, particularly heavy machines, are auctions.

An auction is set to openly reach buyers. The auction process is quick and saves time. That also requires a lower investment and fewer resources in order to make sales. At an auction, you can clear out large stock fast and at competitive prices. You should set a minimum price for your floor on open bids to ensure that the sale is profitable.

Auctions can help you reach prospective customers quickly and easily. One major advantage that an auction has is that the only people who will participate in it are customers and clients who are actually interested in buying it.


Develop A Strong Online Presence

The Internet is a critical component of all businesses these days. It is also one of the best ways to market. Industrial Machinery Manufactures can post free ads in the numerous business listing websites that the entire world can access for used industrial equipment.

In addition to having a well-developed and well-designed website, dealers also should have blogs that are dedicated to business and manufacturing, and have a strong presence in the forums.

Another good way of developing an online presence is to have a website that provides directories of suppliers and dealers. Free classified ads may be posted on the business website to allow buyers to locate products. That increases a supplier’s market reach since the Internet is not tied to a specific location. It is a great way to reach out to the global marketplace.


Invest in SEO


Google will show you ‘searches related to…’ and you can use these recommendations to make content for your website.


Invest in SEO to grow your online presence through the optimisation of content with industry specific keywords. SEO consultants will be able to research an industry specific keyword list that potential customers use to find machinery and heavy equipment just like yours. By optimising your website with these valuable keywords, and by ensuring your website ranks highly in Google for keyword search, you should reap the rewards of this type of investment.

E.g. a Google search for heavy machinery sales reveals the following related search terms that you could add to your own website:

  • Used machinery sales
  • Heavy machinery sales Brisbane
  • Brisbane machinery sales
  • Excavator sales
  • Used farm machinery sales
  • Equipment sales Victoria

These related search terms could potentially be a gold mine of content marketing opportunity.


Hire A Professional Advertising Agency

Advertising is a strong and effective form of media. Creative promotion is critical in order to make products popular with the general public. That creates a good perception and brand image about a product in potential customers minds. Hiring a professional marketing firm for advertising is a positive step for industries like heavy manufacturing, and also offers a good return on investment.

A great example is the use of Google Ads for advertising machinery sales. You push your ads out via search engines such as Google. Each time a targeted keyword is searched by a potential customer, your ad shows and you are only charged for each click to your ad.

If you are selling machinery worth tens of thousands, and only paying $5 per click, you can see that the potential upside is enormous.


Wrap Up

So there are many ways you can marketing your machinery and heavy equipment business. From more traditional strategies such as auctions and trade shows, to newer content marketing, SEO and Google Ads strategies, the goal is to connect those people looking to buy machinery with your brand.

By laying out a clearly defined and specific marketing plan, you should be able to decide on the channels that are right for you. Of course, if you prefer to hand your marketing over to the marketing professionals, contact Orion Marketing today and we can discuss how to best help you.

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